Volcanic Anomalies Monitoring System (VOLCANOMS) is a thermal anomalies detection system of volcanic origin based on the analysis of satellite images from the Landsat system (Land Remote Sensing Satellite), specifically images specifically images Landsat of kind TM (Thematic Mapper), ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus) and OLI (Operational Land Imager). The technical characteristics of the images can be obtained from the official website: http://landsat.usgs.gov/

VOLCANOMS is based in the Three Bands Three Components method (MTBTC; Rothery et al 1988; Harris et al 1999a; Harris et al 1999b), analysis of thermal images through the Blackett's method (2014) and improvements to MTBTC made by Gonzalez et al (2015).

VOLCANOMS produces various products and data related to:

A set of images corresponding to the infrared and short wave bands (SWIR; band 5 and 7 for Landsat TM and ETM+, band 6 and 7 for Landsat OLI), and thermal infrared bands (TIR; band 6 for Landsat TM and ETM+, and band 10 for Landsat 10), uncorrected and corrected for atmospheric and solar effects.

Images in combination RGB (542, 742 and 754 for Landsat TM and ETM+; 653, 753 and 765 for Landsat OLI).

Datasets that includes the area the the thermal anomalies, thermal radancy for the bands, SWIR and TIR, effective thermal temperature, heat and mass fluxes. Additionally, brightness temperature are presented and the radiant flux obtained for the bands TIR.

Our firsts jobs related to VOLCANOMS belongs to:

  • Layana S, Aguilera F, Salazar P, Vergara A, Rojo G, Flores E, Quispe J, Urrutia D (2020) VOLCANOMS: Volcanic Anomalies Monitoring System, free volcanic vigilance platform through satellite images Landsat. 1st congress on the Latin-american Association of Volcanology (ALVO).
  • Layana S, Aguilera F, Salazar P, Urrutia D (2017) Calculus of thermal parameters from satellite images Landsat: A method of easy access for volcanic monitoring. 12° Encounter of the International Center for Earth Sciences E-ICES 12.
  • Layana S, Aguilera F, Urrutia D, Salazar P (2016) VOLCANOMS, a low cost and automated volcanic monitoring system for chilean volcanoes based on Landsat ETM+ and OLI satellite images. Cities on Volcanoes 9
  • References

  • Blackett M (2014) Early analysis of Landsat-8 thermal infrared sensor imagery of volcanic activity. Remote Sens 6: 2282-2295
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  • Team

    Dr. Susana Layana

    Geologist Universidad Católica del Norte

    Dr. Felipe Aguilera

    Geologist Universidad Católica del Norte

    Dr. Pablo Salazar

    Geologist Universidad Catolica del Norte

    Álvaro Vergara

    Geologist Universidad Católica del Norte

    German Rojo

    Execution Engineer in Computing and Informatics Universidad Católica del Norte

    Mg. Diego Urrutia

    Civil Engineer in Computing and Informatics Universidad Católica del Norte

    Pablo Urra Tapia

    Geophysicist Universidad de Concepción

    Juan Quispe

    Civil Engineer in Computing and Informatics Student


    Research Core of Volcanic Risk

    Ckelar Volcanoes, Third Floor Pavilion O

    Universidad Católica del Norte
    Avenida Angamos 0610, Antofagasta, Chile


    +1 5589 55488 55s

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    VOLCANOMS is financed by the Regional Government of Antofagasta through the project FIC-R Code BIP 30488832-0 Risk mitigation associated to volcanics processes in the region of Antofagasta, FONDAP-CONICYT project Research Center for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (CIGIDEN), and the Scholarship Program of National Doctorate CONICYT-PCHA/National Doctorate/2016-21160276 2016-2020 with the doctoral thesis project “Processes that controls the thermic-magmatic balance on volcanics systems actives on the Central Volcanic Zone (ZVC)".